We Are Not Like Other People

Now that you are reading this you are either a patient or someone who loves a patient. Let me warn you. Stand back watch out and remember one thing only... YOU HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE. YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE SAYING TO YOU SOMETIMES OR WHERE THEY ARE COMING FROM.

This isn't bad, or wrong, or anything, because they sure as hell can't understand where you are coming from and how much effort it takes just to communicate. You are just different. Accept it and move on. Make the potty mouth and freaky things that come out of your mouth part of your personality. It's much easier than trying to fit in.

This is not up for debate G** D****... oh sh*t... not another cuss word coming out of my mouth. Turrets Shmorettes try living with brain damage. Anything coming in is going to get NEGATIVELY REINFORCED FROM SOCIETY AROUND YOU. It's easier to attach to a strong negative emotion than regular steady ones. Parents: remember that one time you yelled at your AC child and they cried and cried and cried? They don't forget that stuff- EVER. We have a different file structure than most people and have these insane memories (or at least I do). When you lose your temper and yell, they blame themselves and feel unloved. You have to learn how to discipline your AC child a different way than you would other children. Hopefully when I get some what better, I can go to school and write books for us and provide a better guide.

It has taken me 40 years to articulate the problems I have been having and I'm not even one year from having the surgery I so desperately needed to try and not be so negative. I was running on 12% brain power until I was 40.

AC children can not tell you that their body is burning, or other things, because they don't have the knowledge or words nor do they know what it's like to be "normal" . They just know that they are different and they have different perceptions than their friends, classmates and peers.

If you are a patient read, read, read... Educating yourself is the best defense. Ignorance may be bliss but it won't help you understand your body. The best books are self help and classics to keep your mind challenged, but watch out for junk. Anything that keeps you from being reminded 24/7 that: you have this thing lodged in your head, and it hurts, and there is no cure, and you just keep trying to live your life with a smile on your face- dancing, laughing, pretending that your life is care free...This is all while you slowly start to feel your nerves burn where "The brain doesn't feel...", except maybe where your NERVE ROOTS are. Read those funny Stephen King books, like the one about the brother still in the other's head, and laugh at them because they don't really understand what it's like to have sensory overload all the time- especially from a congenital abnormality inside your head.

Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons is also another favorite of mine.