Hello my name is Reese, It is great to see a site dedicated to making people aware of AC and a place for people with AC to be educated.  As a teen I felt normal besides the dizziness and vertigo sometimes.  I thought it was because I worked out alot but it progressed as I got into my twenties along with the fact I had major problems keeping attention when someone was explaining things to me..  I have AFIB which is controlled very well since I was 23 but docs never could get to the bottom of my dizzy spells and balance problems.  The typical run through of inner ear, allergies and IBS was the docs diagnosis which I had none of them when tested.  I just quit going to the docs because they would not help then in 2008 a sledding accident with my daughters paralyzed me from the neck down for hours.  I had gotten a spinal cord contusion which thank God I have regained about everything except for nerve pain and weakness.  While on the table strapped down in bracing I heard the docs talking about a cyst that showed up on my scans.  They informed us it was an AC an incidental find with no harm at all.  Hmm, something in my brain that needed not to be there but was ok. I just had cervical spinal fusion at c3 c4 because of the accident but they said it has nothing to do with the symptoms I am having because they would be below the sight.  I still have the balance and vertigo problems along with couple times a month a weakness in my legs and arms.  This comes along with pain close at the cyst site and a feeling like being in the bottom of a 12ft deep swimming pool.  A pressure thats just there along with numb upper teeth, spasms above left ear all the way around to the cyst site.  These feelings were there before the fusion and they come and go weekly.  When its really bad all I can do is sleep or lay down quickly because I will get sick.  


The 2011 films say 3cm x 4.5 cm AC over the left high parietal cortex, parasagittal.  Slight scalloping of the inner table of the skull.  This seems to displace and partially engulf and overlying cerebral vein.  This also causes a midline shift to the right.  I just got the new films but have not gotten feedback.  I know I feel this AC, feel like I am unable to perform old multi-task or take on projects without total frustration. I am not able to design on the computer or read into difficult problems because of this.  I have lost my Engineering job, having a hard time working 8 hours a day and too proud to say I need disability.  I never knew how fatigued a person can get but will try to push on in the job I have currently.  My neurosurgeon says its not the cyst and would cause right side pain n problems.  My neurologist seems to think the cyst would cause minimal problems so he put me on phenobarbital, gabapentin and klonopin.... Maybe in the future docs will be more approachable with regards to these cyst.  My prayers are with all!