I have suffered from headaches since I was 18.  I will be 50 in April. 

I have done the brain scans and on up the food chain.  I have extreme pain in my head on the left side where the cyst is located. 

They found the cyst with a CT Scan sometime in the 80's.  (I could look up for sure.) 

Mostly since that time, if I bring it up I am told that it has always been there and does not hurt.  Yet all these years I have been treated for migraines.  Most recently, in the past 2 years for sure, I have pain in all my joints and muscles that they cannot tell me what causes it. 

I have had nerve reduction tests run to rule out carpal tunnel and they say I have osteoarthritis in my lower spine as well as rheumatoid arthritis.  They also say there is also a problem with some discs in my neck.   I also suffer from acid reflux. 

In the last 2 weeks, I have started having tremendous nerve pain on both sides of my face. 

The strength in my hands is diminishing.  The left one is the worst. 

I have alot of trouble opening a door knob, or turning anything because all of the strength is gone.  I hurt all the time all over and stay very tired. 

I don't sleep for long periods of time, maybe 1 or 2 hours.  My mind seems to race and I try to keep up with it which just makes me more tired. 

The cyst is suppose to be on the left side of my head, somewhere around the temperal lobe.  I too was on Inderal LA for years but I do not think it helped.  I can't take Vioxx or Celebrex or Mobic ( and a few others that they tried) because they give me UTI's.
I have been asking for years if this cyst could be the cause of all my pain.  Over and Over again I have been told 'no'. 

Most recently I was diagnosed with fibromylagia. 

As I am writing this I have a terrible pain in my left shoulder that is running up my neck on the right side and into my hand.  I have never run into anyone with even a thought that this cyst could possibly be causing my head to hurt, much less the pain in the rest of my body cause me to be so tired. 
The last test I had done was somewhere around 2-3 years.  It is a real relief to find out that this has a name.
I have endured this pain a long time and look forward to hearing from you.  I would like to know what the progression & prognosis of this disease is.   AND can it really be what is causing all this pain in my body?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Do you think that this cyst can be causing all of my pain? 


The Drs keep telling me that the cyst doesn't hurt me.  I don't really know how they would know whether it hurts me or not, but...  I thought I had a copy of my last CAT or the MRI (which they did last) but I can't find it.  I think I will try to get it from the hospital where it was done. 

Always save your scans.
In the distant past I have suffered with migraines, neck and shoulder pain on the left side.  I also have had pain in my left wrist.  (I could be leaving stuff out.) 
I am positive you have neuropathic pain as well from your arms and legstingling. Neck pain is caused by the cyst. The migraine meds are not useful toyou. You should talk to your doctor about getting into Physical Therapy and berolfed or have massage therapy.

But know that the cyst is on the left side of my head somewhere around the temporal lobe to behind my ear (I'm not exactly sure).  My back also hurts more on the left than the right.  In the last two years my headaches are more frequent, my eye sight is has gotten worse in spite of new glasses, I have what I call CRS (can't remember shit).  I do stuff like lose my shoes, watch, glasses, forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence, may I won't even remember what I have just said just before that or what I was talking about. 

LOL. You are in great CRS company. You forgot your keys too!

I like to do crafts, etc, and I fumble things with my hands now.  I have started stuttering or I just can't get out what I am trying to say.  I shake, mostly on the inside.  This causes me trouble writing.  I do ok at first but real soon I have trouble controlling what I am writing and my hand is tired very fast (I am right handed).  My mind races and the only trouble with that is that I try to keep up with it and my body get too tired too fast.  I hear people talking and there is no one there (whether I am awake or asleep). 

Some of the kids have this symptom too. You are also not alone here. Sometimes it's you tuning into other people's thoughts and feeling with their feelings. That's why you get depressed because you know those thoughts aren't yours and you don't know where they come from. If you concentrate next time this happens concentrate and see if you aren't reading someone else's mind.

I dream alot and lately they are bad (not psych bad, but I can only remember them enough to know that they were bad).  Sometimes I am really relieved to wake up. 

I also see things that are not there (not scarry things, just things). 

See above explaination.

I lose my balance alot and bump into stuff (thank goodness for shower walls, huh). (No, I have not always done that and the shower floor is not slippery).  My hair is falling out alot worse than it use to, it used to be really thick (that probably comes with age, though).  My nails use to be so strong that I could us them instead of a screwdriver, but now they are paper thin and I've just noticed the last few days that some of the beds have turned blue or purple.  I also used to wear my make up all the time.  Now I seldom ever wear it because it's just too much trouble and it makes me too tired to fool with it. 

CRS + DWDS (don't wanna do shit). What do you mean the beds have turned blue? Are you color blind?

All that I do makes me tired very fast.  I only sleep a couple of hours at a time.  A few days ago I woke up to a pain in my right shoulder or a crick in my neck.  Anyway it runs from behind my right ear, down my neck, across my shoulder and down into my back some. 

Go to a pain doctor. Tell him you can't sleep and you want Duragesic and Elavil. Neurontin for the pins and needles sensations.

Today will be like day 5.  Then on Fri all of a sudden I had a jaw tooth start hurting.  I knew that it had broken off but I haven't had any insurance so I've put off getting it fixed. 

Go to the Dental school in the nearest University and tell them you need help and you can't pay. You will get free medical care. Contact an attorney and file for SSDI.

The pain came on all of a sudden so when I finally found a dentist that doesn't take Fridays off, he cut it out.  The pain from that is way off the charts from what I remember from other extractions.  I've had pain in so many places for so long that I just suffer right along and hope it goes away. 

It will NEVER GO AWAY and it WILL NEVER GET BETTER. I'm sorry but I thought the same thing for 13 years until my cyst paralyzed me.

I take Tylenol or Tylenol PM to sleep sometimes.  They only help a little.  I also have Vicoden ES but I only take it when I can't stand the pain anymore, but I don't know why I wait or take it at all, cause it only helps a little.

I pop Vicodin like it was asprin. Don't save it pop it. That's what it's there for.
They have been treating my migraines, depression and anxiety, osteoarthritis arthritis, early rheumatoid arthritis, acid reflux, done test to rule out things like carpal tunnel and decided on fibromyalgia. 

You do not have Fibromyalgia. Your NERVE ROOTS are compressed. It's worse than Fibro.

I may be leaving some things out as my memory is selective at different times.  The Drs. have always told me "the cyst doesn't cause you any pain", so l hadn't thought about it in a while.   Do you really think that this archnoid cyst could be causing any or all of this pain? 

I don't think it is I KNOW IT IS.

What can be done and how do I get a Dr to pay attention to me?  It's Sunday so I will try to call you after noon or later if that is ok.  I would like to talk to you about it.  Thanks.  Later.