My son Kyser was born 12/11/14. We found in early pregancy he had an arachniod cyst on his brain. The doctors told me it was common and don't worry about it, it's something that can be fixed they said. Oh boy where those doctors wrong. The Archniod cyst was over 3 inches big it started so early in pregnancy that his brain never was able to devolep properly some of kyser's brain was missing. And the part of the brain that they could see was squished and spread out. The cyst caused hydrocephalus,seizure disorder,loss of brain function. Kyser also has a damaged hypothalamus due to the cyst the hypothalamus controls hormorns,growth,temperature and a ton more. The cyst is putting pressure on the brain stem and pushing it over because of this he can no longer suck,swallow or breath properly. Every smile,coo and movment he does is a spasm in his brain. He spent his first 3 months of life in the hospital he is currently home on hospice. Kyser will eventually gain his Angel wings due to this horrible medical condition the Arachniod cyst . They doctors can not do anything with the cyst because its so large if they mess with it he will pass away sooner. We need to stand together and find a cure!