Im 17yr old girl when I was in 8th grade

I had cronic headaces for 2 months straight the doctors told me that it was just my allergies...Sooo one day I couldnt take it any more and I just blacked out at home... I was taken to the childrens hospital and there I was told that I had a ruptured arachnoid cyst.

It was right above my right ear near the top of my head. They had given me steroids for the pain which had bad weight affects and they had schedule an appointment for surgery...

After my first surgery I extremly alot of swelling from the surgery near the area where the surgery was done... The neurosurgeon had put too pockets in me 1 near the cyst area and another one by my cheek it was to drain the cyst but that surgery didnt work ...

Soo I had gotten a second surgery and they put a shunt connected behind my right ear going all the way down to my right side.. For a while the shunt was working great and I wasent having that many headaces but towards the beginning of 9th grade my headaces started to come back and all they would do was just give me meds... But after a while they just got worse and worse and I was having some memory problems..

Ive always had short term memory problems but they seem to be worse... My nerorsurgeon talk to us about saying the shunt was draining way to fast but he told us the cyst was gone which was a good thing and then he talk to us about maybe doing a surgery on putting a programmable shunt or something to try and control the draining...

Later on I moved to my mothers and my headaces were just getting worse and worse I have them like every every day..

I had to be taken out of school cause I was getting sick and passing out from the pain.. So my mother and I did research on the neurosurgeons who have done programable shunts.. We went to go see one of them and he had done it for me and for a while I was doing great but I ended up moving back to my fathers cause of family reasons..

Lately the headaces have been coming back alot more and more and my older neurosurgeon which I see now today dosen't believe in the Programmable shunt any more and he explained why and I agreed with him... But that leaved us the question on what to do next..

Just on Jan.15 not to long ago I another surgery to test the different pressures in my head to see why the headaces were there and where there coming from... But the whole time I was there I had barely any of the horrible headaces.. So they sent me home and my headaces just rushed at me bad I cant handle them any more..

Regular meds dont take care of the pain and right now my neurosurgeon is going to send me to another guy who specializes in cronic headaces, migraines and etc....Ive been threw soo much and my short term memory is worse and my headaces are every day and horrible..

And the only question I have that the doctors dont even answers is this horrible pain i get once in a while near the shunt ... Its like a sharpe horrible pain going up the shunt and all the way up to my neck and it and it just wont ago way and when I do have that pain it hurts me badly to breathe... I dont know what it is and I try soo hard to explain it to my nerosurgeon and they have done tons of x-rays on the shunt and never see any thing and I know im not making it up cause I feel it.

I just came on this site cause I wanted to see how many other people hurt still today from what has happen to them and I wanted to see if any one is like my case or something that i can answer my problems with..

I pray for thoses who are worse then me and I pray for thoses who are dealing with it for there first time... Thank you for letting me type my story out and the funny thing is that its not even over yet ...

Thank you bye mandy

Hi my names mandy i've already written and told ya'll my story.. Im 18 now and my headaces are just as bad... They have me on 4 different pills and then change them because some of them was making me sick..

But now i got 5 different medication. There now trying to tell me that it may be my body just not happy with the shunt being in me.. That could be causing my headaces and there other reason for the headaces could be because its draining way to fast when I dont need it.. My memory lost is still pretty crappy. It gets to me alot because someone would tell me something and the next thing ill forget..And then I have my friends who say i'm faking it.. I WISH I WAS!!! I really do cause then I know I can stop.. But I cant.. I really dont know what else I can do about it.. I guess I just have to suffer i'm just tired of telling them about thing's cause they dont believe me..Its one of those thing's if they dont see it on a cat scan or a MRI its
not there to them and dosent matter... Sighs..

I Just wanted to keep ya'll updated with my status.. I still pray for the ones who are worse then me..

bye for now mandy