is 12 years old, the youngest of 3.  My first son Michael died of non hodgkin's lymphoma 14 years ago when he was 4.  Meagan was born just short of 2 years of losing Michael.
Anyway, Meg has been in sever crippling bouts of pain for over 2 years now.  At first I thought it might hormonal just like many of you probably thought.  But soon into these horrific ordeals I realized that this was something bad.  I pushed to get her a MRI.  That's when they came back with Arachnoid Cyst, hers is 4.9cmx4.9cmx3cm, its pushing the left cerebellum to the front of her head.  Its also eroding the back of the inside of her skull where it sits.

Her neuro guy in jersey has emptied his bag of tricks.
Now I feel like we were just kicked to the side of the street. 
On a more positive note I dod speak with Kara from Dr Kelly's office in LA.  I'm send the reports and the films over.  And they will get back to us with their opinion.
I know the people in jersey think she is anxious and bring the pain on herself.  That's nuts.  This little girl once fell off a monkey bars broke here wrist/growth plate when she was visiting friends in Long Island and didn't mentioned the arm to a soul.  She lived thru the rest of her vacation with this broken arm.  I know she is one tough cookie.  There is no way she is exaggerating this pain.  If anything, Meg is down playing it for my sake.
I am so angry right now I could scream, but I know from past experience that it wont do any good.
Can anyone tell me if they know of anyone who has had base skull surgery, I am looking at this Dr JHO he does a nostril approach with minimal invasive techniques-fenestration.  I am so desperate to know many things.
God Bless you Catherine & entire AC family