I Promise I'm going to send my story....I just haven't had the time.  His name is Hoobie.  He's my grandson. 
He's five now - was 2 when the cyst was discovered.

He was seeing spider webs, and wanted the sun to go down and the lights turned off - said he had a worm in his head.  He began wiping his forehead constantly.

His pediatrician ordered an MRI as a second thought.

The cyst was the size of a lemon and I remember something about the "middle fossa".  His craniotomy
was in November and was successful enough to relieve the symptoms however, he developed Diabetes Insipidus and must take a hormone twice a day because his pituitary gland stopped producing the hormone that tells him when to hold fluids and when to drink fluids. 

The doctor said he doesn't know why that happened because he wasn't near the pituitary glad.  The next August he had a shunt placement and we have had no trouble with the shunt. 

He's due for another MRI in January '05.  There's lots of details to the story, but I need to get out all my files and notes.

The neurosurgeon and the neurologist kept wanting to know how we found this.  They did not believe that the symptons had anything to do with the cyst; however, the symptoms were the reason his mother begged the pediatrician to consider that there might be a problem...and the fenestration removed the symptons.   So?????????