is 7 years old. 

He was diagnosed with a "brain tumor" in Feb 2002. 

Located in the center of the brain surrounding the pituitary stalk.  He had surgery the same month for removal of this "tumor"--pathology came back inconclusive and his "tumor" was called and arachnoid cyst.

During this surgery only 85% of the cyst was removed and he suffered a stroke on the left thalmus region.  He had to learn how to talk and walk again.  It only took 2 months for him to walk with a small limp and talk normally. However in Sept 2002 and MRI revealed that the cyst had grown back to it's orignal size of a golf ball. 

The doctor then planned on placing a shunt to help drain the cyst. 

He went in for the "simple procedure" that required a 1 night stay in the hospital and ended up in a coma like state for 17 days-then slowly opening only 1 eye-he could not talk, cry, walk, move, eat or any normal functions due to yet another stroke. Hi is only on thyroid medicine right now but he will have to take other hormones as he gets older. The neurosurgeon severed his pituitary stalk so that part of his brain will no longer function.

He also suffers from 3rd nerve palsy so he has no normal function of the right eye and half normal in the left. 

He has had physical, occupational and speech therapies constantly since we were released from the hospital in OCT 2002. 

He is still not walking on his own and his speech is slow. 

It has been 17 months since the second surgery and he continues to deal with not only the physical handicaps but also the emotional ones as well. 

He went from being a kind, loving, attentative, hardworking,obediant child to the exact opposite.  His school work suffers and on top of everything else.. his two brothers, friends, and family and do all the things he can' do you explain this to a 7 year old child?.....His father and I are looking into another pediatric neurosurgeon to follow his care. 

Hopefully there is research out there or a doctor somewhere that can help us his recovery.  And who knows what this "tumor" or "cyst" will do ????? for know he just wants to be a normal 7 year old boy. 

If anyone has read this and has any advice or suggestions please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank You,    
Justin's Mom