Hi, my name is jessica. 

I'm 17 and was only diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst 2 months ago. 

I have had my cyst for at least 7 years.  I know because i had a seizure when i was seven and had many tests, however all they found was a dark mass on my cerebellum. Recently i have felt pretty bad and have even had to start homebound schooling since i can't walk without falling. 

My doctor wouldn't even give me an MRI at first.  She decided it was probably due to pregnancy. 

I know i'm not a doctor but i do that to be pregnant you have to have had sex, which i have not. 

After that came up negative she decided i had an eating disorder which is also untrue.

Then she decided it was a drug addiction.

I found these diagnoses deeply offensive. 

Butwhen these tests came up negative I was given an MRI and they found a arachnoid cyst on the lower portion of my cerebellum with a prominent amount of fluid collected around it. 

My doctor said it wasn't the cause of my problems and that it was probably psychological. 

(Well Jessica, I am very sorry you had this experience so far. Your induction to doctors are idiots is a very valuable lesson to learn at your very impressionable jaded age. I was 17 when I was diagnosed. Being on homebound was better than spending time with people I knew didn't have the same path I did. The walking thing IS because of the cyst. I was a virgin too so they put me on the pill because my periods weren't normal. I'm surprised they left out the wisdom teeth. Typically they want to know if your teeth are coming in.

GET A NEW DOCTOR. If this stupid woman isn't treating you now then don't hang around and suffer from her ignorance!)

I know i didn't make it up because i didn't know what kind of symptoms these cysts cause until i started researching them. 

Finally my doctor gave me a referral to a neurologist, but only after my mother threatened her with a lawsuit.(THANK GOD YOUR MOM KNOWS HOW TO ACT!!!)

I am sure this cyst is the cause of my problems because my symptoms are the same as the people on this and other sites. I don't know what size my cyst is because when i asked, my doctor just said i shouldn't worry about it.  I found out that sometimes a growth in the cysts size can trigger the symptoms so I thought I'd ask the neurologist to compare my MRI when I was ten to my new one.

I realize that my doctor probably knows  nothing about these cysts since she didn't even know what it was called, I had to get a copy of my MRI results for its name and location, but I think it was wrong of her to decide I was faking just because she couldn't see any symptoms. 

(If I were you I would sue the bitch ANYWAY for causing you undo emotional stress, not referring you to a neurologist, an endocrinologist to do a work up of your hormones as well as giving you diagnosis that weren't suited for you. Tell her you aren't paying for that JUNK and you want a refund of your money or just sue her anyway for being stupid.)

I know my body and i know there's something wrong with my head.

(You GO GIRL! I love your spirit! I hope you choose to pursue your talents as a litigator as you already know your rights!)

I guess i'm just worried that no doctor will believe me and provide me with some sort of help.  I want my life back, I wanna attend high school like a normal kid, And though my mother has been great through all of this I don't want her to have to worry about me and the medical bills, which already total about $500.

(Baby, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away but you were enlisted in a war that is going to last the rest of your life. You certainly need to see the highest professional help you can get. I don't know where you live but if you need help I will do so. Tell that doctor you are not paying her for her "medical advise" because she just doesn't know. )

Sorry this was so long but i just wanted to talk to somebody who would understand and knows what's going on.

Thanks for listening,