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My son Kyser was born 12/11/14. We found in early pregancy he had an arachniod cyst on his brain. The doctors told me it was common and don't worry about it, it's something that can be fixed they said. Oh boy where those doctors wrong. The Archniod cyst was over 3 inches big it started so early in pregnancy that his brain never was able to devolep properly some of kyser's brain was missing. And the part of the brain that they could see was squished and spread out. The cyst caused hydrocephalus,seizure disorder,loss of brain function. Kyser also has a damaged hypothalamus due to the cyst the hypothalamus controls hormorns,growth,temperature and a ton more. The cyst is putting pressure on the brain stem and pushing it over because of this he can no longer suck,swallow or breath properly. Every smile,coo and movment he does is a spasm in his brain. He spent his first 3 months of life in the hospital he is currently home on hospice. Kyser will eventually gain his Angel wings due to this horrible medical condition the Arachniod cyst . They doctors can not do anything with the cyst because its so large if they mess with it he will pass away sooner. We need to stand together and find a cure!

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Frankie was dxed in April of 2014, just a month ago. Here's his story.





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Im 17yr old girl when I was in 8th grade

I had cronic headaces for 2 months straight the doctors told me that it was just my allergies...Sooo one day I couldnt take it any more and I just blacked out at home... I was taken to the childrens hospital and there I was told that I had a ruptured arachnoid cyst.

It was right above my right ear near the top of my head. They had given me steroids for the pain which had bad weight affects and they had schedule an appointment for surgery...

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is 12 years old, the youngest of 3.  My first son Michael died of non hodgkin's lymphoma 14 years ago when he was 4.  Meagan was born just short of 2 years of losing Michael.
Anyway, Meg has been in sever crippling bouts of pain for over 2 years now.  At first I thought it might hormonal just like many of you probably thought.  But soon into these horrific ordeals I realized that this was something bad.  I pushed to get her a MRI.  That's when they came back with Arachnoid Cyst, hers is 4.9cmx4.9cmx3cm, its pushing the left cerebellum to the front of her head.  Its also eroding the back of the inside of her skull where it sits.

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I Promise I'm going to send my story....I just haven't had the time.  His name is Hoobie.  He's my grandson. 
He's five now - was 2 when the cyst was discovered.

He was seeing spider webs, and wanted the sun to go down and the lights turned off - said he had a worm in his head.  He began wiping his forehead constantly.

His pediatrician ordered an MRI as a second thought.

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I've been looking at your website on and off for around 9 months.  I have 7 year old twins - one of which has an AC and the other has down syndrome (no AC).  How did we find out..  my son started to drag his right leg when running and his right foot's position was way to the right.  The orthopedist thought he might have a tethered spinal cord... well, we found out about the arachnoid cyst through the full spinal MRI.
As mentioned in the subject, his AC is located in the most popular place and it's about the size of a plum.
It explains so much that we've been through with him... yet, it's still hard to believe that all the below symptoms can be contributed to the cyst.  I know that you wanted a list of symptoms so here goes:

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is 7 years old. 

He was diagnosed with a "brain tumor" in Feb 2002. 

Located in the center of the brain surrounding the pituitary stalk.  He had surgery the same month for removal of this "tumor"--pathology came back inconclusive and his "tumor" was called and arachnoid cyst.

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I am the mother of Jacob, four years old.  When he was 9 months old, his older brother dropped him on his head.  The resulting CT scan showed an arachnoid cyst.  We were

told it wasn't a big deal and that we should monitor it with yearly CT scans.  That was while were in the military and stationed overseas. 

For Some reason the military loves to give vaccinations to the kids and fathers, which messes up their sperm, and then causes them to be carriers for Arachnoid Cysts. I am sure I can accuse until the cows come home but it's very strange that the 100+ people I have spoken with to date have a spouse, a father or themselves are in the military. If not their father then their grandfathers. I wish I could pull an Erin Brockovitch to prove that vaccines cause these things but naturally since I have an AC myself it's kind of hard to prove ~Catherine

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Hi, my name is jessica. 

I'm 17 and was only diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst 2 months ago. 

I have had my cyst for at least 7 years.  I know because i had a seizure when i was seven and had many tests, however all they found was a dark mass on my cerebellum. Recently i have felt pretty bad and have even had to start homebound schooling since i can't walk without falling. 

My doctor wouldn't even give me an MRI at first.  She decided it was probably due to pregnancy. 

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from 2006

Hi, My name is Mandi.

I am a sixteen year old and a mother of two.

I was ten years of age when I started having extreme migranes, it was like they never went away.

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