Hi my name is Bev.  I was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst about five years ago. Its in the posterior fossa and is about the size of a lemon - or was 5 and 4 years ago. I stopped seeing Dr's 2 years ago because their attitude was "it's all in your head!"

Is that a joke or what?

I had a build up of pressure slowly over the years til I can no longer lay on the floor and prop my head up on my fist to watch tv like I used to - there's something in the way of bending my neck like that! I also had my arms go DEAD when jogging - not just numb. 

I also had black out spells when at work that never actually made me fall down - I was able to catch hold of the counter to stop the fall because they were so short.  After a  neck injury, five years ago,  I was diagnosed with MS (diagnosis was later rescinded) due  to my lack of balance, muscle spasms and numbness in my arms, legs and neck.I had a stretched neck ligament that worst case scenario would self heal within 4 months but nuero insists that there was nothing wrong with me. 

These symptoms were NOT because of the AC that was an incidental find during the CAT scan and MRI's or of  the  neck injury. 

According to docs it was lack of sleep and stress (son has autism).  yeah right. I am unable to work more than a few hours a week.  The more I use my hands the more numbness and muscle spasms I get and forget lifting anything over 10 pounds! I have constant pressure at the base of my skull and at times I can not look straight ahead because this pressure prevents me from lifting my chin off my chest.  One day, I'll win a lotto and be able to travel to find a doc who believes in ac's and will drain or shunt mine.  :-)