Posterior Fossa

Hi my name is Bev.  I was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst about five years ago. Its in the posterior fossa and is about the size of a lemon - or was 5 and 4 years ago. I stopped seeing Dr's 2 years ago because their attitude was "it's all in your head!"

Is that a joke or what?

I had a build up of pressure slowly over the years til I can no longer lay on the floor and prop my head up on my fist to watch tv like I used to - there's something in the way of bending my neck like that! I also had my arms go DEAD when jogging - not just numb. 

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My surgery was a year ago. The surgery took away the pressure I had felt. I had experienced vertigo and loss of concentration . After surgery I felt very weak and depressed and the doctor said this was expected and it would pass. Which is good because I'm a very on the go kinda person. I needed to get on with my life. After awhile I felt good. Went back to work .
Grateful it wasn't cancer.

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry when I read these stories.  I find new symptoms that I have, that I never suspected had anything to do with the AC.
I was just diagnosed last month.  I think it is in the left posterior fossa, and have no idea how big it is.  The radiology report only said that is was a "normal arachnoid cyst".  I saw the neurologist, who started recommending larger doses of Ibuprofin.  So I said, "is there any cause to these headaches?" and he answered, "oh, you have an arachnoid cyst".  I could have kissed him right then and there.  I was so relieved to find out the cause of these stupid headaches.  I have had them for so long that I thought they were just a normal part of my hormonal cycle. Add a comment

May 21, 2005

I am a 26 year old female with an arachnoid cyst in my posterior fossa (found in 2000 "incidentally" after I went through the ER to the Psych ward - 4cm x 2.6cm).  I had been symptomatic my whole life.  Between the ages of 5 an 10 and at least once a year, I would wake up unable to see.  It would go away within an hour or two, so I wasn't scared and did not tell my mother or father.  I have had "weird feelings" in my head and "brainaches" as I called them.  I started seeing flashes of light when my showers were too hot or I was exhausted.  I could continue, but it would take you too long to read, you know the symptoms, and you have a life (I hope, LOL ;).  The neurologist I saw in 2000 said that I should move on and not let it get to me. (I asked him if he was a psychiatrist as well? tee hee...)  Most AC's are asymptomatic (i.e. yours is asymptomatic.)  Go to the ER when you have the headache of your life.  I LISTENED TO HIM!!!!   I had insurance then and didn't persue it.  I was naive, 21, and frankly was relieved to hear that I would be o.k.

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My name is Dawn, I am 50 and I live in Burlington. My cyst is located in the posterier fossa and it measures 6.3x3.2x2.5 cm.

I discovered I had an arachnoid cyst because my hands went dead and I went to see my GP. One of the doctors booked me to see a neurologist. She thought it was carprel tunnel syndrome. I doubted I would ever have that because I didn't feel I had it. She ran a MRI just to check to see what was going on.

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Hello, my name is Dana and I was diagnosed with a posterior fossa cyst and
an acquired Chiari 1 malformation (5mm) last year at 28 years old. My
symptoms starting off a numb/frozen feeling in my left arm. I let it go for
a week or so and then after it didn't go away I called my GP.

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My name is Christi.  I'm 29 and was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst to the right of the midline in the posterior fossa.  I received this information originally 5 years ago at the onset of thyroid problems.  I had a headache for about 1 week - that completely knocked me on my butt so I went to the doc, he sent me for some blood work and a CAT scan and upon receiving the results, told me of the cyst.
Of course it was in passing that he mentioned it and only referred me to a neurologist when I requested it.  The neurologist said I shouldn't worry about it because it was not the cause of my headache.  In the mean time I was still hurting from this headache so I went to a chiropractor and let me tell you this - wrong thing to do.  The pain go worse after being cracked and was awful. Add a comment

My name is Angela and I used to be a body builder. I found out about my Cyst located on my Pineal Gland in 1998. It was the size of a pea back then and they accidentally found my cyst because they were trying to see why I had "migraines".

I kept getting more migraines, dizzy spells and feeling like I was always going to black out. I kept losing and continue to lose my memory.

They did MRIs every year and it was discovered that my AC was growing. I was never treated for my symptoms except as a migraine.

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My name Stacy. I am 28. I found this website looking for Arachnoid Cysts because I have never heard of an Arachnoid Cyst until I was diagnosed in 2000. I had had several MRIS preceding this diagnosis however no one informed that I had one since 1998.

I was having body pain that started in my legs, I was nauseated and went to the ER. They did a cat scan and sent me home. The ER report they took down that I had body aches, night sweats, tinnitius, chills, weakness. They treated me for headaches and sent me home.

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