I am 26 years old and I live in London.
I was diagnosed in 1998 with a left temporal AC. I do not suffer from pain.
When I was 16 or 17 I started to become mentally unwell. Eventually my symptoms made me uncontrollable because I was always agitated. I really flipped it. 

I was taken to an English hospital, detained against my will,  given powerful mind altering drugs for a month and then released. My condition began to improve. I was not given a CT scan nor were there any blood tests.
My condition improved over 6 months.  After this I couldn’t sleep and was told by my physician to drink some milk at bedtime. After a month I went to Milan and I relapsed and became hysterical.  This time I was taken to an Italian hospital.
In this hospital it was standard for all new patients to have a CT scan and blood work.  I was diagnosed in a psych ward with an Arachnoid Cyst. They discovered a large malformation on the left temporal lobe. At the time I was hysterical. They called my parents to sign for the operation because I was incapacitated.  At the time I was told the drugs from the psych ward could have suppressed the symptoms of the cyst.  The drugs I was taken in Milan weren’t working either. Drugs could no longer sedate me any longer. 
This is when both a neurosurgeon and psychiatrist decided to explore the lesion surgically. Dr. Scanzergla did an aspiration (keyhole) surgery in 1998. 
In my post-op state I showed large improvements.  I returned to the University, my memory improved, and I got my drivers license.
I tried to sue the hospital in GB for not properly diagnosing me, however there are all kinds of other problems associated with trying to sue a doctor here in England.
I began my professional life as a chef. I got really stressed out 5 months ago and relapsed.  At this time I am suffering from insomnia. My biochemistry is all over the place. Now I am off the sedatives.  I am getting migraines. I do not suffer from pain and was recently diagnosed as being manic depressive and the cyst being secondary to my cause. 
As long as I don’t get stressed I don’t have any problems.