Hi all !!
First I would like to say I am blown away by this websites content.In 1991 I was diagnosed with having an arachnoid cyst. It was found during a test I was having for a balance problem, "felt like I was drunk all the time". At first the doctors saw the "growth in the background" when looking into the inner ear, and they diagnosed me with labrinthytis a inner ear infection, and the growth after having another test was an arachnoid cyst. I was told it was harmless and to just have it checked every couple of years to see if it grows any. I left it at that, excepted the ear infection, and went on with my life.

In the last five years I have been plagued by extreme exhaustion,dizziness,cant sleep, and when I fall asleep I don't stay asleep. I have speech problems,memory problems and basically right now I'm close to not being able to even function at all. Just getting out of bed is a major chore.
When this started I was a martial arts instructor and in excellent physical form. I'm 6 foot tall and have a large frame and at this time weighed in at 240 pounds. I have been fighting this illness for a long time. How I came about this site is as unique as anything.
I now weigh in at 421 pounds and I'm getting worse as the days go on. I work 45 plus hours a week and am married. Recently I switched doctors. He has had me tested for you name it and this is what I hear "there is nothing wrong with you" I was tested for sleep apnea that wasn't it. Told it was anxiety panic disorder and treated for that. Heck i was told a lot.

Here is the unique part... When I was told about the cyst I totally set it to the side of my mind. after all the tests, and nothing, I remembered the cyst, and its name, searched the web, and found this site, and ill be damned if it does not fit me to a T.

I called my doctor and i am gonna demand a MRI cat scan whatever to check this. I first mistaked my right eye not opening and the pressure in my head as sinusitis which I've had for years now after jigglin my memory the cyst is on the same side. and after reading this I'm certain I will find its grown only trouble is I cannot obtain my records because in this state they only have to keep them for 7 years...I will keep you all posted.....good luck all
mat from mass