Hi, my name is Debbie and I am 45 years old. Let me start by saying that my entire life I have struggled with headaches and always being extremely tired. I have been to so many doctors and have had every test run on me possible.

Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery and radiation therapy to conquer that. Just recently I went to yet another doctor to see if there was anything that could be done about my headaches and tiredness. I have been told that the tiredness is because of the radiation and that it will go away over time.

The doctor sent me for an MRI to check my brain basically to rule out any type of brain tumor because of my cancer history. The MRI results were mailed to me and said that my brain appeared normal with no signs of malignancy (cancer). At the bottom of the result page was a sentence that said however, a small 15 m arachnoid cyst is present on the left side of my brain. The radiologist also wrote a not on the results saying "no worrysome findings". I personally find this rather worrysome!

I phoned my doctor's office the next day and the doctor didn't even speak to me. The nurse came on the phone and simply said, "there is nothing to be concerned about". I continue to have headaches, on a daily basis, and I am extremely tired all the time. I work a full time job and there are days that I simply can't hold my eyes open and I am unable to work. I have all but given up on getting any type of relief from doctors and have made up my mind that this is the way I am going to feel the rest of my life. I am discouraged about the uncaring attitude of the medical staff and their inability to understand their patients feelings and well being.

I hope this letter is of some help to others who live and feel the way I do on a daily basis to know that you are definately not alone. Good luck in your endeavors and god bless. Take life one day at a time and live your life to the fullest.

Debra E.
Belleville, Michigan