My name is Justin i'm 33yrs old and live in manchester England, not the best place in the world to find out you have an arachnoid cyst, but from reading the stories on this site it's not the only one.

I've only just found this site and it's the best around, it's helped me alot so i've decided to help others with my story.

About 6 yrs ago i started with headaches just the normal ones, so i took the tablets as you do, but they didn't seem to work. The weeks went by suffering so i went tothe doctors to see what was wrong, when i got there the doctor said they were just mirgraines and to stop most of the things i like ( coffee, chocolate, chesse and red wine) as you can guess that didn't work.

I was a fit man with a wife and kids and working as a doorman in manchester, i couldn't understand what was going on, so the temper started i couldn't help myself i knew it was happening but couldn't stop it, at the kids , the wife then everyone who said anything. justine my wife ( yeh i know we get it all the time!) kept on at me to go to the hosptail when it got really bad, but who would believe me? who can prove it?

Eventually i went, the pian was to to much to bear and i had to go on my own as justine had to look after the kids.

when i got to the hosptail they left me for hours on a trolley as thier were others in more serious conditions than me, i was in so much pain, rocking myself as if it would help, then an orderly asked me if i should have been there and asked if i had to much to drink, yeh can you believe it!

I eventualy got seen but i dicharged myself later on. Afterthat the only time i would go in is when it got so bad i had to go. And it just wasn'theadaches that were there i was getting numb hands, ringing in my ears, being paranoid and seeing wavy lines. The doctors eventually got me to a specialist to do a MIR scan and thats when they found it, not that it helped at the time. Then the scares came was it cancer?, you can imagine, i've got kids, i'm only young the stress was unreal, how we got through it god only knows.

The results came back as an arachnoid cyst 4 centimeters in diameter, stuck if you like on the brain stem, on the left hand side of my head, with the brian stem bent.

Sitting thier thinking what does this mean for me, they said they couldn't see this giving me the headaches and that it must be scalp cramps and to get my wife to massage my head for me, i remember thinking to myself this is getting worse what will they come up with next!

It's took years to get this far and we are back to square one.

But i kept on going, they gave me a number of new tablets to try and ease the pian quite a few, more than i would have took really but they helped for a while.We kept on going back to the hosptial for checkups and trying new drugs when eventually the speciallist came up with removing the cyst, that gave me something to think about i can tell you, not only that it gave you hope but are they starting to belive me?, but their were risks involved in removing the cyst because of where it was.

The cyst was stretching the nerves to my face and it was on the spinal cord which is very serious to remove itit could result in being paralysed or stroke plus a number of less serious conditions. At first i said no thinking of the risks involved but evenutally i said yes and went ahead with the op, they said i would be hosptial for aleast six weeks but after four days i was home, It takes a year to fully recover from major brain surgery and it is taking that long, as you are tired most of the time.

It's been nearly a year now and things are starting to get better, the only thing is the tablets they gave me to ease the pian are hard to come off with the help of a good doctoer i'm only on a few now. They didn't remove all of the cyst because of were it is, but they said i'm all better now and don't need to go back to see the specialist's but when you have been through these terrible headaxhes you are just waiting for them to return. Maybe the cyst will return or maybe it won't we will just have to wiat and see for now i am getting stronger everyday and enjoying life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and i hope all goes well for everybody on this site.

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