My name is Dani and I am 54. I am a supervisor at a medical office.  My husband and I had just returned from an anniversary trip to Hawaii at the beginning of November this year and we were out Christmas shopping. 
I started feeling a little nauseated and went to the restroom.  While there, I had the feeling that I was going to pass out (I am not a drinker).  I made my way back to my husband and fainted.  The store called 911 and when I came to, I was being placed on the stretcher for the ride to the hospital.  My blood pressure has always been low and on the ride there, it was 70 over 52. 

The ER doctor did a CT and head x-rays and admitted me for observation.  The next day I had a neurology consultation.  I had the sobriety test I read about in some other stories and the neurologist ordered an MRI.  (The nurse told me they had seen something on the CT scan). 
The good news they told me when they had the results was that it was "only" an Arachnoid cyst and most likely benign.  The bad news was that it wasn't there 10 years ago when I had my last CT for migraine headaches. 
The EEG I had following the MRI and my ac diagnosis showed irregular brain activity. 
When I was being released from the hospital after 3 days, I was told to see the neurologist in 3 months and a neurosurgeon in 6 months.
I am now experiencing severe vertigo, which my MD says is from an inner ear infection although he could not rule out the AC.  A call to the neurologist moved the appointment up to Dec. 30th.  The vertigo is so bad I walk like I'm drunk and my husband drives me to work because I feel like everything is spinning.
Hopefully, I will get some satisfaction on Tuesday because I'm tired of taking meds that make me so tired I can't function...they don't help either. 
I too have problems staying asleep, vertigo, nausea, and occasional headaches.  I can be exhausted and go to bed early but wake up after only 2 or 3 hours. 
I do not suffer from pain.
Are we sure this is benign? 

They call them benign but the long term studies such as if surgery helps or if it hinders have yet to be determined.