hello, my name is shauna frankum pittard. I was diagnosed last year with arachnoid cyst/arachnoid cyst syndrome.

Mine is on my left side attached to the lower left lobe of the brain. My cyst(as i call it)has a mind of its own. It was caught on ct scan pushing my brain back and forth one millimeter. So, I'm told. I was not there to see the ct scan so I had to believe a radiologist. Boy, could i tell you a story about those. But, that's another  story alltogether.  

As i have seen on your website some things you did not list; my cyst causes me to have blurry vision, weakness on my right side(with my lower leg hurting the worst). nausea, panic attacks, and of course the other things plus memory loss which you have on your website.

I literally have to stop and think about what i'm doing or else i will ride or go somewhere i didn't intend too. Someone usually has to ride with me wheni go somewhere.  I have just seen on another website that small cysts do not cause any problems.

BOY, ARE THEY WRONG!!!!!!!!! However in my pain and conclusions the rite aid where i live is making a lot off of me. These people need to come live with me one day, I'll show them wrong.  I have a lot of pain behind my eye; which now has a space of about 2 millimeters i am told that has spinal fluid built up behind there.  

I cannot go to a brain support group around here; because the closest one is 2 hours away; which is in atlanta. In another story on that I cannot get anyone to go with me.  I have found out that my behavorial disorder is caused by this cyst and another thing is that my speech is slurry; at times; and i put different words in where thery're not suppose to be. (as you will see soon) i cannot stand loud noises; i cannot stand screaming; i cannot stand someone to touch me when my whole body hurts. i cannot talk sometimes in complete sentences and i have started stuttering this past week,  

I had one stupid doctor in athens, ga that i seen and he told me that arachnoid cysts did not cause these problems and that i was crazy. he charged me a hundred and forty five dollars to tell me i was crazy; which i already knew that. I retrospect, i began doubting myself and until i fell at work one day and my face got numb; when i had to take a trip in the old patty wagon to the hospital. Then i was truly embarrassed.  

I worked at wal-mart for about 4 months when i started having these problems; in which i had to be out of work for one week to have test's my doctor at the time thought i was having a stroke. Well, I got wrote up several times for being sick basically. They knew i had anarachnoid cyst; i asked for accomodations in the workplace; because my doctor labelled me partially disabled. Because of the fact that i had viloent headaches and he didn't want my blood pressure going up; and he didn't want anything triggering them at the time.

Well, they did they're very best to make me quit. I was put outside in lawn and garden; in the heat; where i couldn't stand it. I was made to unstock heavy boxes and etcetera. My doctor even wrote a note to my probation officer telling her what was wrong. He had wrote a whole page to wal-mart and even faxed over my medical records so that they could see my problems. The csm's stayed on my case all the time; eventually causing me to go on xanax's.

Because my nerves stayed tore up all the time. I have asked a lawyer around her but they're so far stuck up in Wal-Mart's tail that i woudl have to get one that would be willing to take it on the 3rd. Also, i was out on leave when i was discharged. So i don't go to wal-mart unless it's an emergency.

Then i still try to go somewhere else;  you can call me at if you would like to talk to me.
i am now on my fourth neuroligist; a new one that i have to see in augusta. and now i have a very GOOD family practice doctor. thank you for listening to my story and maybe someone can help me file my disability claim.

thansk, shauna pittard


I can not file a claim for myself... which is why there are attornies that do that. The best advise I have is to log on to arachnoidcyst.net and join the group there to discuss your problems as this is the only support group for us.