Hi. My name is Tracy and I live in Valleyview Alberta Canada. I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst behind my left eye.

It has caused me to have grand mal seizures and pressure behind my left eye.

My neuorologist has told me not to worry about it.

They may remove it or something in 5 years, unless I have another seizure. He has increased my dilatin medication for the seizures, but I am not sure that was the awnser.

I was diagnosed on march 1/2004. I go back to see him in febuary 2005. He Also said I still may not be able to drive then (he pulled my drivers license in December when I had my seizure).

I tried to ask him some questions but all he said was don't worry about it, its no big deal. I don,t know what to do. If you could offer some advice, that would be great. (the cyst is about the size of a tooney).

Thank you,
Tracy Whitmer



I think you know that you are not feeling well. I don't know what to tell you what to do up there in Canada. These are not cysts that you want to mess around with.

Your cyst is in a delicate place. That's close to the pituitary gland which is the gland that controls every gland in your body. If you leave it alone I fear that there is long term central nervous system damage.

I would ask for other opinions and find a doctor that has, indeed, treated his patients that have had Arachnoid Cysts.