when I was much younger, I lived out in the woods. I had a a neighbor with an old fence, and from the fence there was an old shed. I used to walk acrossthe fence every so often never caring about the drop if I fell. Then the daycame I tripped and fell.

I fell into a web, a web so large it went across the entire length of the fenceand shed, about 2 to 3 feet deep. I was covered in spiders, I was bitten by apoisonous one. I don't need to tell you that I'm terrified of spiders.

So, you could imagine how I felt when the doctor told me that I had an ARACHNOIDCYST. But seriously, I suffer from one in my pineal fossa region. It has masseffect which means it putting pressure on different parts of my brain.

I had this discovered back in 1998, with a ct scan. The doctors told me thatI had a brain cyst. Not large enough for problems but they wanted to monitorit. Thanks to health insurance changes the new insurance wouldn't help me.

So, for years I tried to get doctor's to help me. I suffer from horrible pain,in my body. I lose all sensation in my arms and legs, every night. I can't sleepwithout sleep aids. If I didn't I would be awake for days. My vision is gettingworse and worse now. I am going to be needing bifocals with my next visit. WhichI have put off for now, because I am to young for bifocals.

I've been in the hospital more times than I wish to count. Getting sick all thetime is not fun. I just got a doctor to help me and it looks good for the firsttime in a long time. Don't let a doctor tell you that it's only coincidental.That is a line of bullshit.

Doctor's really don't know because they don't have the research. I've been sickfor so long now, and have had every test done imaginable. These things are badand doctor's don't do nearly enough. But don't quit trying to get the help youneed. It took me years and now I have one of the best.
All I can do now is hope and wait.

But please help Catherine's foundation. She has a heart of gold and truly cares. If people don't try then nothing will happen. I am currently writing my congressman in hopes that he can help. People don't need to suffer like this.