This all started March 17th 2000. I was against my son from having this inoculation, I was made to feel like I was a bad mother if I didn’t give it to him. My son was given, prevnnar. My husband took a tissue and wiped off the serum and blood that shot back out from the wound. He had cuts all over his hands because he’s a contractor. 3 days later my husband was sick with a fever of 105. He couldn’t lift his head so I suspected it was meningitis because that was one of the bacterial infections in the inoculation.

He was home for a month because he couldn’t move. They told us to go to an infectious disease specialist but he didn’t go. The fevers stopped but the headaches didn’t.

I kept telling him for the last three years to get a MRI because it’s not natural to suffer like that. A month ago he was shopping in the grocery story and he lost his vision. First his vision went grainy in the right eye and then it went away completely for five minutes. He regained his vision and carried on like nothing happened. He told me three hours later.

Everything I looked at was that he might have had a TIA (mini stroke) because my mother had them all time. I called the doctor immediately. Our doctor was out of time. They ordered an echocardiogram and a halter monitor and everything was OK. Then he ordered a MRI and the insurance board had to approve this test.

I knew when I got the call and they wouldn’t tell me what was wrong that there was something wrong. 20 minutes later I found out my brother had died.

They told my husband on the phone that he had an Arachnoid Cyst and it’s putting pressure on his optic nerves. They said they were going to call the neurosurgeon to make the appointment. They called me March 18th to schedule the appointment.

I think that the meningitis caused the cyst. He had a cat scan four years when he had meningitis. His cyst is an inch.

I talked with the doctor and told him that the meningitis caused his cyst. They are going to send him to an optometrist. The optometrist was extremely professional. He looked at the films. He said that he can’t stay here for the treatment and that he needs to get out of the area. There is no pressure on his optic nerve. There is fluid in there. He wanted a CAT scan to check for calcification.

I’m horrified when I started looking back through my kids records. I am severely against vaccines because one of my sons had severe reactions to each shot that he was given. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is in the spectrum of Autism. There is mercury in vaccines which probably causes Autism because of the mercury poisoning. I am very animatedly against vaccination.

We have five children.