What a wonderful website!  I used to live in californina.... Okay, here is my deal.  Growing up, I had major ear infections... this is not irrelevant to my story, you will see.  I used to around age 14, see things move that were not moving, such as drapes, blinds, fans, etc.... thought this was due to one acid trip, so, I thought nothing of it.  Fast forward to age 30... had a child.  Started having ear problems, such as crackling, hearing loss, major dizziness, headaches, and passing out a few times.  Thought nothing of that, since it went away.  9/2005...... the drapes are moving again, but this time, if I stare at anything for a short period of time, it moves, kind of waves... wavy movement, dizziness again, now just turning around too fast will cause that. 

I have constant migraines, all last week I had one daily, and they always seem to be there when I first wake up, or before I am going to sleep.  They tend to be in my lower left side of my head, right above my ear or above my neck where the head meets.  I am really concerned now, because my memory is seriously getting bad.... I called both my mom and sister twice on Christmas, because I did not remember I had called them.  I don't remember things that I say alot and I have trouble recently getting thoughts out through speaking.  I went to see an ENT in Oct., he ran many tests, and I passed all my hearing, but failed the ENG portion of the tracking part, where your brain is hooked up to electrodes and your eyes follow a lazier guided ball.  So he wanted me to take a dye contrast MRI.. which I did.  It came back "negative" except for ," small fluid collection left middle cranial fossa adjacent to the sphenoid bone is probably a small arachnoid cyst measuring approx 1.5 by 1.0 in size and this is incidental,"  I have an appt with a neurologist tomorrow morning and am hoping to get some answers.  It is obviously not my hearing at all, but something else causing my symptoms.  I thought it was just water in my ear, well, not really. This was all so accidental in the journey.  I am glad to be seeing a neuro and figuring out why I have all my issues.  I don't know much about these cysts, or actually even where it is located, so I need to research that, but I am glad I found your web site.  Anyway, that is my story.
Linda Degus-Barns
New York