Hi Catherine,
I just got my MRI results back and they found a 3cm arachnoid cyst in my
anterior middle cranial fossa.
I noticed this location is not mentioned on your site with the stories listed. Is it a common location for arachnoid cysts? I am not finding much info on this exact location.  It was explained to me being in the right cheek area.

I am thinking of submitting my story but since I have only been told of this arachnoid cyst
yesterday so I'd better wait.
They are trying to rule out MS with me.
They have found nerve damage in my left leg and foot (evoked potentials test)
The neurologist wants to repeat the MRI of the  brain in 6 months but didn't say why.
I assume it's to look at the cyst.
They are doing a full spine MRI on December 16th.
I have light sensitivity in both eyes.
I drag my left leg and foot when I walk.
Tremors in arms and legs all day long worse when I am nervous.
Bowl problems
balance issues.
I have only had these symptoms for about 4.5 years now.  They got noticable after the birth of my last child.
I wanted to thankyou for your invaluable website and information contained in it.
It's been a huge support to me over the last 2 days and many more days to come.
Best Regards,
Jennifer D
age 35
Orlando, FL