My name is Theresa and I am a single mother of 4 daughters. Twenty years ago I had a chair pulled out from under me and I suffered a back injury. Nothing was done to the person but I have suffered with back pain for 20 years.

A few years ago when my back felt like a big abcess I went to the doctor.

He sent me for an MRI and come to find out arthitis has set up.

I still suffered with pain throughout my body and went back to the doctor. She then told me it was Fibromylegia. Nothing I did seem to help me and I kept getting worse. I had a teenager at the time who didn't like the rules in my house so she beat me up.

That was in September 2002 on a Saturday. Tuesday night I woke up with nausea, my head was spinning so fast and my eyeballs felt like they were out of my head spinning around. I went to the doctor the next morning. She said I was having panic attacks. This didn't feel like any panic attack I had ever had before.

The next month I was scheduled for my annual pap. I explained my symptoms to my gyn. he told me to get an MRI of my head. I thought he was crazy. That all this stuff was just stress. I went back to the doctor later and told her that the Zoloft was not working. She put me on Lexapro.

In January I went back because nothing was helping my symptoms. She then decided to do an MRI. That was on a Friday. January 13,2003. They found the arachnoid cyst in the back where the hemispheres of your brain come together. It sits on my cerebellum.

I had my first consultation with the neursurgeon at UVA on January 24th. I had surgery on February 17,2003.They cut me from the top of my head to the base of my neck. I was sitting up with my head supported during the surgery. He said he was going to try to remove the lining of they cyst so it wouldn't come back. I was put in Intensive care and my left side wasn't corrdinating with my body. My short term memory was gone. My right eye was messed up and if I would look straight it would go to the left. They sent me home after 4 days so I wouldn't get pneumonia. They sent me home with a walker. They sent me to a neuropsychiatrist, neuro optomologist and optomologist.

I started having spells again in this past June. I would wake up spinning. I was dizzy. I called the doctors office and the nurse said nothing is forever and it might be coming back. I didn't want to go through that aggrivation again. So I didn't go back. I started having problems with my right arm and with my neck where the muscles were cut.

I felt like my head just stayed under pressure all the time and I always seemed to be having headaches. My right eye wasn't getting any better it seemed to be getting worse. So I went back to my regular doctor. She said I had a rotator cuff injury and gave me a shot of cortozone in my arm and it didn't even ease the pain. It felt like my muscle was rotting away. I gave the shot time to work before going back. W hen I went back she decided to check my head again.

I had a CT scan on Monday.

Tuesday was the year anniversery.

Wednesday I found out the cyst is back.

I don't feel that I can go through this surgery again. It took so much out of me mentally,physically and financially.

In May of last year my 11 year old daughter severed her liver in a bicycle wreck. Between her bills and mine I am drained. I was out of work for six months and just can't seem to get back on my feet. This was the last thing I needed to hear. What will happen to me if I leave this cyst inside my head.

It is approx. 4cm in size. Can you give me information on why this thing grew back so quick? What causes them? Give me some information on if it is hereditiary. My children are 18,16,12, and 3 years old. I would like to think they would never have to experience this kind of daily pain. Well thanks for letting me vent. No one seems to really know unless they have walked in your shoes.