The stages of Arachnoid Cysts are serious and complicated. It's the brain tumor you get to live with. Stage 1 is unborn.

Can they see the cyst in your unborn child?

Imagine trapping a person in a body that is degenerating from the beginning of their lives. Imagine that you are the person that was judge, jury and possible excutioner of a life that you love more than your own. I've always been pro-choice until I found out what it was really like. I was 4 months and those papers from campus, and my mother's horrific story of her abortion at 4 months (back when it was illegal) got to me- and I didn't think a thing about my health because I didn't care for myself. If I died I didn't care. I had no value of my own life because when you can read people's thoughts and feel their feelings from this hole on your soul, you truly understand how lonely it is to walk through life not understanding ANYTHING.

It's hard enough to negotiage a life when you are brain healthy, but when you are injured like this there is no turning back because a life is born and you are left with the consquences. The pain that the child can't tell about and as they age. How they develop into dealing with that pain. Hitting their heads against the floor, being diagnosed with ACHD, other psychosis when we have our own set of mental illnesses that are not treated and we are told the symptoms are, "They are all in your head."  They can take the pressure off and stave off the worst of the stages but don't fool yourself. This is a pre-cancer disease that lasts a lifetime, and takes at least as long to turn into this nightmare. And you might not be alive to see this but you will be alive to see some of the stages happen. Read on. I'm sure the way people suffer will.


The second worst symptom are suicidal tendencies; from the pressure going on, from the moment you put your head down to the minute you wake up, you feel the pressure as your brain screams "there is no release" and "the only one is to kill yourself". I'm sorry you feel this from Intercranial Hypertension that we get used to and only a spinal tap will show.


This is the kind of life you NEVER want to live. When you can see a cyst big enough to notice in a sonogram it's just too big. That cyst is going to grow with your child. That cyst is never going to be removed in this century because the arachnoid membrane is like a spider web, and once you get intertwined into it you can't get out. It can cause other cysts. From birth you could have not only an Arachnoid Cyst, but also a Chiari Malformation, as well as Syringomyelia. These diseases together are so painful you can't imagine. You condemn this poor child to have a nervous system that is so fragile that the rites of passage are intolerable.

Syringomyelia causes your cyst to split open.

Chiari Malformations causes the cerebellar tonsils in the back of your head, which are holding your brain up, to decend, which will eventually cause Syringomyelia.

In my opinion, the thoughts, the feelings, and the love you feel for this child would be better off as a memory. Dr. Duma even agreed with me that it was a traversity of human life for babies to be born with such an incurable disease. There is very little research and not enough education for doctors, and you will have to see at least 4-10 doctors over the child's life, just to make life tolerable.

When you read through these stories of how people aren't being treated and you birth your child with a visible cyst in the ultrasound, you are condeming this person to eventually have a malaise they don't understand. Doctors don't understand.

I'm sorry to be honest, but it's not about YOU, but the life and health of YOUR CHILD. Do your own research.

Please... be realistic. These things are hereditary and if you can shoot for a healthy child, (or one with many less problems than this) save your sanity, the sanity of your friends, most of all the sanity of your child. I've seen too many single mothers without help from their family, and friends that fall to the wayside, so realize that it could very well be just you and your child(ren), which will make it much more difficult. Save yourself the predictability of what these monstrosities WILL CAUSE for this child that you love more than anything, and make the necessary, albeit very hard, choice. We're here to talk to, as fellow AC sufferers.