The only therapy out there to alleviate the intracranial pressure from an arachnoid cyst is to fenstrate, aspirate, or put a shunt in it. Fenstration is the most permanent form of curing your AC and the intercranial pressure. Here are some non-medical ways to deal with pain:

The Body Blade Provides resistance training and the benefits of lifting without the stress it puts on your system.

Biofeedback can be instrumental in dealing with the pain and stresses in my life.

I do not recommend getting in to a Chiropractor... ever. I feel that they can do more damage than good for people with AC as they manipulate the spine.

Natural healers can help break up the energy that is not moving in your head as long as they are stronger than you. I feel that we all have the natural ability to heal other people and I feel in myself the ability to heal others; however, finding someone more powerful is a difficult task.

Massage therapists will help with the musco-skeletal, facial, chest and neck pain that you feel and you can always benefit from a good Rolfer.

Acupuncture can help for the same reason massage therapy can help. It takes the pressure points and relieves them. When I have a bad headache I will take the skin above my eye with my thumb underneath the brow and first finger above and pinch hard. This helps a bit.

We really have to build up our muscles as that is what our bodies are using to feed themselves. This is a difficult task for someone living in constant pain as fatigue from moving sets in.

Physical TherapyRolfing is BETTER. My pain management doctor took me off PT when he discovered I had Syringo. "There is no need".

I am working on a series of stretches that we should be doing with another person. They involve what appear to be tortorous poses (such as pulling arms back off the body, pulling legs into chest), but they are the ones that will make you more comfortable in your body. I am sure Yoga is the best thing for us as it builds muscles and stretches them out.