April Guffey had brain surgery this morning and shared this. I wish I could be there smiling over you right now Miss April. I know how much it means to have someone there to care and share the scariest most exhilarating time. Will I wake up? Will I be different? Will this actually work?

You'll know or have some relief that will last for a spell. I'm not sure which brain surgery you had. My fenestration left me feeling ok but didn't take the pressure away. Not like the 3rd one @ 40.

I've decided that I am putting together a real company and that I can't be friends with people because I get too intertwined in their lives and it's too messy for me to get wrapped up in their lives. Your personal lives are just that, personal. 

I have a mental disease and I'm getting sucked into someone elses mental issues so we feed off one another so we both get into a frenzy. I feel like it comes from us feeling so betrayed by our bodies, and makes me realize that anyone I let into my life like this can hurt me as much as I hurt them, and I don't want that to happen anymore. Things just need to jive and flow, and I need to get my anger under control, from all the issues I have with some of the ways I was raised.

I found the most disgusting thing imaginable today. It's an article on one of the first children documented to have an arachnoid cyst. It was born vaginally the year after I had surgery in 1990. The cyst was over 1 inch all the way around.

I can't tell you what it means to me to see that this child was born, now that I was well-informed of the consequences, with a cyst that compressed it's brain and they just didn't know what to do back then.

Today was a relatively mld day except I fell for a scam where they got my kid's info by "calling from social security". Then they asked me my bank account, DOH! Then they asked for Cassius' SSN. DOH!!!! What was I thinking? So now I have to warch his name and my name. My mother's madian name the whole 9 and I don't know how I feel for this crap! I guess they just had me scared because being on SS and having brain issues leaves you succeptible to all kinds of problems. People just take advantage of you and you are just too unaware SO BE AWARE!!! Don't let people scare you to death then fall into their traps.


Today I contacted the neurosurgeons at the NIH in hopes of getting some kind of reaction. Sometimes I feel like if I don't have the support I need, like several people doing this, it's not going to be done. I've been advocating for people with Arachnoid Cysts since 1999 on Yahoo! groups, originally, but decided that I needed to get the message out, that these growths needed more exposure so I started arachnoidcysts.org.

I have spoken with over 2K people around the world that just can't get treatment.