April Guffey had brain surgery this morning and shared this. I wish I could be there smiling over you right now Miss April. I know how much it means to have someone there to care and share the scariest most exhilarating time. Will I wake up? Will I be different? Will this actually work?

You'll know or have some relief that will last for a spell. I'm not sure which brain surgery you had. My fenestration left me feeling ok but didn't take the pressure away. Not like the 3rd one @ 40.

It's so weird when that fucking joke runs through your head... Yes it's brain surgery. The courage it takes to just show up. The hope that it WORKS.

It's like an atom bomb going off and you hope it will solve all the problems you've had but from all the fucked up thoughts in your head that have maimed their path through your life but it doesn't protect you. Nothing can protect and nothing can save and nothing can change what you've said and done.

You see? DO YOU SEE ME? FINALLY? What this has done to and for me? I can fly through the sky in the blink of an eye feeling like I have a new lease on life.

Tragically people are not forgiving. They look at you but you still have the same face. They don't forgive your mistakes. All the things you tried not to say that will never ever go away.

Just keep doing whatcha do. There is nothing wrong with YOU. Let them have their own shit. Eventually, one day they'll get over it.

Keep your chin up, cupcake. You're on this side now so try and HEAL.